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Today we were treated with a visit from Deanie Brown (my sister in law) and her 11 month old puppy, Brandy.   We were trying to be strategic in how to introduce the dogs but they took it upon themselves and figured things out.  Brandy quickly got her message across to Holly that she preferred a calmer approach.  It was interesting to watch Holly comply and abide by Brandy’s expectations by slowing down her motion and energy, and still dodge the snapping teeth.  Keltie and Brandy were about the same size and quickness, making for great fun with chase, wrestling and rug zoomies.  Holly was often in the unusual position of being the third dog out and had to try disrupting their play by barking and throwing herself between Brandy & Keltie.  Her success with them was hit or miss.  And her barking only got her in trouble with DeeAnn & I.   

In amongst having 4 dogs (3 less than one year old) and 1 cat, Deanie, DeeAnn & I managed to have a nice visit and enjoy the entertainment of watching our pets play and learn more social behavior.   In time, all of them settled in and were resting peacefully on the floor.  We’re guessing all pups will sleep very well this evening plus hold a fuller heart knowing they had made new friends today!