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Deb, a dear friend of mine, died early this morning from cancer.  She was one of the greatest supervisors a person could ever have so it shouldn’t be any surprise that she was the greatest of friends as well.  My prior golden retriever, Boden, and Deb had a wonderful relationship that was often shared around the kitchen.  In October I told Deb I was getting a puppy, to be born in December and arrive home late January.   Every visit she asked about the puppy preparation – names, plans, toys, anything you could think of related to bringing a puppy home.   Finally the January day came where I could bring tiny 8 week old Holly to Deb’s house (picture below).  She was starry eyed and smiles.   Fast forward to April and all my visits to the hospital were met with the question, ‘How’s our little girl doing?’  Often Deb was confused about dates, times, events, people but with Holly, Deb was always spot on.  She wanted to see more pictures and hear more stories.  There could never be enough Holly talk. 

After learning of Deb’s passing early this morning, Holly & I went for a ride to visit her husband, Steve.  Next we went to the store so Holly could get a toy to commemorate the day.  I found the perfect one – a Llama!  Deb loved llama’s, and now Holly does as well. 

Rest in peace, Deb.  I will miss you dearly.  I promise to bring Holly by often so she will continue her friendship with Steve & Tigger.