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It’s been a busy weekend celebrating DeeAnn’s birthday – little Keltie’s first birthday party and first sleepover with Holly.  At one point, I harbored concern about Holly’s ability to be gentle with a little 10-12 pound puppy.  Seems I am often telling her to be gentle, settle down, “no chase” and “easy” with Rainie and Gracie.  When she is with Keltie there is far less of those phrases and much more praise and “good girl” wishes.  It has been heartwarming to watch how Holly has embraced Keltie and plays (and plays and plays) with her as if she is with a littermate just 9 months ago.  They never seem to tire but periodically we see short power naps from both of them.  DeeAnn and I watched a movie in the evening and had to enforce a ‘no play’ period so we could watch with less chaos in the room.  Much like Kooper allowed Holly to take toys from his mouth, Holly allows Keltie to take toys from her mouth. Keltie takes running leaps to land on Holly’s head and they twist and turn until both get upright again.  Occasionally we here their teeth clicking together as they mouth wrestle, Holly trying to avoid getting nipped by the laser sharp puppy teeth.  It’s nonstop loving puppies doing puppy play. 

Holly had Kooper’s company Friday & Saturday before entertatining Keltie Saturday night & Sunday.  Kooper & Keltie have become her  K Pups and she is rich with friendships!  For awhile, Kooper and Holly shared the bed, nestling in nose to nose, fully content after their play time – which is at a different level and intensity than that of Keltie and Holly.  I love that she makes the adjustments when playing with the different dogs, as well as people.  She learns their likes, dislikes, strengths and capabilities, then amends the play accordingly.  With Kooper, she will snatch a toy and dart away enticing a game of chase; with Keltie she will lay down and nudge a toy in her direction enticing her to grab the end for a gentle game of tug. 

Holly’s week-end included at various moments time with Kooper, Lana, Keltie, Rainie, DeeAnn, Lanny & Mary.  She had time in the car, backyard, house and kennel.  She had a slumber party with Kooper on Friday night; with Keltie and Rainie on Saturday night.  

Today is a day of rest, and she is fully on board with that idea!