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Duluthians began to dig out today.  The day after a snowstorm, ‘digging out day’, is the day you get to reconnect with neighbors and find out how everyone is doing.  I’m on limited activity for the next few weeks so DeeAnn came over to dig out my garage door, garbage cans and back steps.  My awesome neighbors, John & Dave, each did a share of my front walk way and steps.   I’m on the schedule to be fully cleared out by the end of the week but having a clear path  to and from major entrances gives me a sense of freedom and control.  My appendicitis attack may have saved me a back ache and has sure filled me with gratitude.   

Holly and Rainie had their share of fun romping and running through the snow.  Holly follows Rainie everywhere and is tickled pink to be running with the big girl.  She took a quick swipe at grabbing Rainie’s frisbee from her, but the scolding stopped any further attempts.  I saw similar efforts inside over the chewbone, with same results.   I’m glad to see Holly respect Rainie’s rules of possession. She likely will test Rainie again at some point, to be continued. 

Holly’s evening ended with some loose stools again.  There may have been some extra pinecones consumed today or the overexertion of getting through deep snow may have triggered the irritation.  That said, the good news is that she is getting more reliable and consistent with her potty training.   I have to stay on my game for her clue, a small simple whimper,  but that is now followed by her going to the backdoor.  

She’s a very tired girl tonight, will see what tomorrow brings.  She and I sure make a fine pair right now.