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There is hardly a person I speak with that does not agree that this year’s summer went by faster than usual. Of course, we say that every year.  It is a given that summers in northern Minnesota are short-lived.  It is that very reason that makes them so special.  When you think of the work that goes into Thanksgiving, Christmas or a wedding – all the work is worth it when the main event comes – and that is what summer is for Minnesota.

Today was Dock Day, meaning the dock and pontoon get pulled from the water and secured on land until spring when everything is reversed for the three short months of outdoor joy.  DeeAnn has amazing cabin neighbors that help with much of the process.  It seems to be a win-win for everyone – DeeAnn’s dock & pontoon get pulled ashore and they have more reasons to drive their 4-wheelers and use the winches.  They are the most supportive and generous neighbors one could ever hope for, to include their patience with barking dogs and/or Holly’s persistent visits to their yard.

Early in the week-end, DeeAnn and I took a trip to Ashland and stayed at the AmericInn.  Holly, Rainie & Keltie joined us.  Helen stayed with Georgette & Tom for the evening.  This was Holly’s first time staying overnight in a motel and all went well.  It was a pet-friendly room, which we believe explained why the first hour was spent sniffing every single fiber in the carpeted room.  The patio door opened to lakeside and a long relatively quiet beach.  Our dogs were familiar with beach activity and we allowed them to run free for a short time before nightfall.  Overall both Holly & Keltie displayed appropriate motel manners and handled the experience well.  All the new experiences are so helpful for developing Holly into a well rounded dog and myself into a more confident dog owner. It’s hard to know who is having the most teachable moments, not that I’m counting!