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 It’s the time of year to tuck the pontoon and dock away for winter.   If you have the right people with the right skills, right tools and right attitude, it can actually be a fun day.  Lana & Adam came to help us this year, truly godsends.  DeeAnn’s neighbors, Corey & Dan, had the equipment and provided the guidance.  

The dogs had a great day, dock or no dock in the water!  Kooper & Keltie met for the first time and they acted as if they had been long lost friends. I think Kooper was grateful for Keltie’s attendance, she is a great distraction for Holly giving him some peace.   Corey & Dan have a senior chocolate lab, Harry, and cabin neighbors further down have 2 dogs (Ranger & Hope).  At one point all dogs were in DeeAnn’s yard giving the appearance of a mid-city dog park.  

Overall the dogs played very well.  Holly took an occasional jaunt out of the yard which landed her on the penalty leash.  Keltie was smart and hung by Kooper much of the time.  She got in far less trouble when she chose Kooper as her mentor rather than Holly.  Pick your friends carefully!