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It’s been a busy day for the whole household.  This morning was a trip to the cabin for yard upkeep allowing time for the dogs to play and swim. Helen did her laps in the big pool, tied to a lead tied to the dock.  Holly and Keltie are getting so good about staying in the yard.  A few times this summer, Holly has done a protest when it is time to leave.  She hangs back and gets this look about her – ‘I don’t want to go’ type of pouty posturing.  As part of her protest she has gone into the bordering woods and/or neighboring yards and ignored all our commands to return. This may have delayed her trip home but it made the departure even more sour for her.  Today was not one of those days!

The afternoon was filled with doctor appointments.  All three of my girls were due for something so in attempts to be efficient, I scheduled their appointment for the same day/same time.  Holly had this wide-eyed nervous look on her face when she heard the noises coming from Gracie’s crate, then moved to the side hugging the door when I placed the crate in the front seat.  Gracie made her feelings known throughout the whole car ride, Holly staring at the vocal crate nearly the entire time. When I asked the front desk staff which one they would like to see first, she said ‘all of them’.  She didn’t sound like she was kidding so all three of us (Helen & Gracie first, then Holly) enter the building and pile into an exam room.

Once again I can’t say enough about our vet, Dr. Lisa at Daugherty’s Vet Clinic.  Holly, Helen and Gracie each had their turn with special and thorough attention; and each exam brought productive dialogue as well as some good laughs.  I can only imagine how many pet stories vet’s and vet tech’s hear during the day.  Then there they are – with three pets in the same room at the same time, with one rambling mom sharing stories about her pets that just had to be heard!  

Upon leaving, Gracie was calm and purring sitting safely in her crate; and Holly and Helen were burning a hole through the door with their stares, noses about 1/2th inch away  – a complete reversal of what we looked like walking into the building.  I have no doubt our visit provided story material to the staff today – a fair trade for their time and patience in listening to mine.