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“Doctor, Doctor. Give me the news!”

Holly made new friends at Dougherty Veterinary Clinic today.  She was a bit nervous going in the door but lightened up once she heard the cheerful welcomes from the awesome staff.  Duluth is blessed with many fine veterinarians.  I started with Dougherty’s nearly 30 years ago and feel like I have family overseeing my pet’s medical care.  Dr. Lisa has been there for my last two golden’s, Bailee and Boden, and I feel fortunate to have her here for Holly.  

Holly’s appointment went well.  She was her excited, eager & engaging self with the staff and gleefully soaked in all the attention that puppies naturally draw.  She had a bit of a whimper during her shot that led to a chuckle from Dr. Lisa.  She said Holly whimpered when having to be held still, not with the injection.

The rest of the day was low key.  I think shots do that, they do for me.  A low key day with Holly is still more activity than my pre-Holly days.

Rainie was with us today also.  Holly’s pleading invitations to play are still being rejected by both Rainie and Gracie.  I think Rainie and Gracie have an alliance established.  Those two are now like-minded friends.

 It was nice to hear today that Holly is in good health.  I wish that for all my family & friends and pets of family & friends.

Be well.