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Most everyone I talk with is wondering how it can be August already.  I think if Holly could speak,  she would be saying the same.  Her life has been busy, which means mine has as well.  Summer has been a blink. 

Tuesday evenings are reserved for dog school.  This week went a tad better than the prior.  I can’t really quantify it, it’s more a feeling of comfort and ease with less distraction and chaos for both Holly and I.   Holly is catching on that the training room has different expectations and experiences than anywhere else.  She responds well, meaning immediately, to the training collar and corrections.  Her youthfulness still shows, particularly during the second half of the class.   She’s lost focus and tries to make her own fun.  While others are waiting and sitting by their owners, Holly is belly up spread eagle, squirming and itching her backbone.

Holly is a ball dog.  She has fun with her frisbees too but tends to migrate to the balls more.  She was playing outside one afternoon, doing her crazy dance and head flip.  When I finally got a look at what she had – a soft rubbery multi-colored ball, what I have been calling the ‘mystery ball’.  None of us have any idea where it came from but Holly was making sure it wasn’t going back.  She held on to that ball, carried it everywhere and played with it obsessively.  It took about three days of abuse before it gave way and had to be tossed out, secretly.

Kooper spent a day with us on Thursday.  It was another beautiful summer day so Kooper and Holly had a full day of backyard play. They had some rousing play sessions then would park themselves in the neutral zone, the back porch.  Kooper had a late afternoon vet appointment.  Once Lana & Kooper were finished at the doctor’s office, they returned for a barbecue with guest, Steve, Holly and I.   Holly was ready for a relaxing evening and parked herself directly under Steve’s chair, a strong hint to Kooper that she was done for the day.

Today was a trip to the cabin and more swimming time!   Holly loves the water and goes out for her floaty toy without hesitation.  The cabin neighbors likely all know when Holly is swimming because there is this trail of water splashing and splunking across the water like a dysfunctional motor.  In the middle of the spray is a golden head with determined eyes and a pearly white smile.

Days goes fast, and nights go calm.  And mornings start with Holly at 5:30, at best.