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Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen. –  Orhan Pamuk

Holly’s intestinal distress was brief and has subsided.  That is great news for her, and very good news for me.  Potty training has been going fairly well, but some of the dots need to connect yet.  If I am observant enough, Holly will show cues that she needs to relieve herself, often with time for me to successfully react.  What she isn’t consistent about is intentionally telling me she needs to go.  To her, it is my job to just know and if I miss the cue, it’s my problem – which is very true.  Nonetheless, the potty training is going far better than expected and I am very happy the diarrhea subsided quickly.

Holly is growing each day, indeed sometimes I swear it is by the minute.  Her looks are changing, her legs are getting gangly and her appetite is gaining traction.  Last I weighed her she was 16 1/2 pounds.  On homecoming day she 7 lb 6 ozs.  You can see the buffalo plaid winter coat doesn’t dwarf her anymore, indeed she has nearly outgrown it!

Today, Holly & I ventured over to meet and greet a long time, dog friendly friend, Nancy.  Holly walked through the door with no hesitation, gave Nancy a happy and wiggly greeting, then began to sniff and scope out the entire living room.  That made me a tad nervous so we moved to the kitchen and sat ourselves down on the tile floor.  I’m learning Holly likes to know her environment.  Her first mission was to check everything below nose level, then swing back to play with people.  It’s so good for her to be in a new environment and meet new people.  She needs work on leveling her excitability and steadying herself in new areas.  Today’s excitement was often overwhelming and as a result, her razor sharp baby teeth were finding flesh and/or clothing to often.  Nancy handled the hand-gnashing far better than I.

More snow coming tonight which will make Holly happy tomorrow morning.  She burrows her full upper half down into the snow leaving a wagging tail sticking out as my benchmarker.   I thought she was digging for pine cones, now I am suspecting it might be bunny pellets.