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Holly & I keep going to school on Thursday evenings.  We work on sit, down, stay, come, heel, leave it and other activities that encourage listening, socialization and compliance.  Holly’s over the top excitement is her biggest obstacle at the onset of class, then as class progresses her laid back passiveness takes over as her next obstacle.  When class starts I am giving continuous corrections and telling her ‘no pull’, by the end of class she is sprawled on the floor and I am encouraging her to getup and participate.   Still, her intelligence is her biggest strength.  When she is engaged, she is spot on.  It’s my job to keep her engaged.  As the instructor told  me – I have to be sexier than the squirrel.   Poor Holly.

At Twin Ports Dog Training club, dog handlers are invited to post their dog’s picture on the wall. In the blog pictures, Holly is seated in front of pictures of Bailee, Boden, River and Kindred.  Holly will have her picture on the wall at some point, the hardest part of that is picking out which one.

With the temperatures dropping Holly & I have been spending more time in the house which has brought out creativity in how Holly spends her time.  She thinks Gracie’s cat toys are the greatest, in particular the tri-tunnel.   Of course she loves any of her balls, especially when the outside balls are snuck inside.  Me, I like balancing things on Holly’s head, hiding her treats for her to find, working on her dog training exercises and rolling the ball to her then back again after she pushes towards me with her nose.  We are both ready to have some fun snow outside.