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The weather continues to be the topic of conversation around town.  While people talk about it, we play in it.  Walks, walks and more walks!  It’s been a dream for dog walkers, whether at the cemetery, ball field or Lakewalk – it’s all dry and clear of frozen snow and ice.   Holly & Helen seem to get extra juiced up when walking the Lakewalk.  It makes sense to me, even I find it more interesting and engaging.   As one would expect, the cemetery is far more dead (pun intended) than the Lakewalk!  At the Lakewalk, there are walkers with dogs and strollers, bikers, roller bladers and scooters.  We have to pay attention and practice patience and Lakewalk etiqutte.  All environments have there pro’s and con’s, the dogs love them all.  I’m feeling fortunate we have them all as choices at this time of the year. 

Holly had her annual check up this past week.   Though I don’t necessarily look forward to taking my pets to the vet, I don’t mind the visit when it is an annual check up.  It’s so seldom I get to visit with Dr. Lisa (and that is a good thing!) the annual check up’s become a social visit for me.  Holly didn’t feel the same way as I on that.  When Dr. Lisa walked in the room, Holly dropped to the floor and did a belly crawl towards the door.  A few treats bought her out and she was up on all fours again.   Holly had her distemper and Lyme vaccine.  All lab checked out as expected.  Her examination found no issues. She weighed in at 59.4 pounds.  Holly had a good day at the vet with far more treats than pokes.  

Kooper was here on Friday for a day of fun.  Errands, car rides, backyard fun and a little bit of a spa day rounded out his time here.   The springlike air had us all feeling for a treat so I swung into Caribou Coffee.  While my specialty drink was being made, the barista gave me 2 heeping pup cups and plenty of grins while doing so.  I offered Kooper and Holly each a pup cup not prepared for the whip cream shower to follow!  My jacket and car dash were speckled with whip cream.  I managed to save enough for Helen, to make things fair.  I heard the drive up window open followed by a quick,  “I’ll get you some extra napkins”.   My hot latte was handed to me with an inch thick stack of napkins. 

It’s the littlest things that go a long way.