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Easter Sunday snuck up on me this year.  It was earlier than usual plus landed just a week after my Florida vacation and a few days after digging out from the first major snowstorm of 2024.  Fortunately, when there are traditions molded, one needs little time to prepare.  Lana came down for Easter and we substituted a Mt Royal meal for an order of Chinese from the China Cafe, a household favorite.  Lana was prepared with an egg hunt ready for the dogs and an awesome dessert to round off the meal.   The day flowed so smoothly, Lana and I both are hopeful that if not the China Cafe, atleast one other reputable Chinese restaurant in Duluth is open next Easter.

It would be a treat for me to hear how the dogs – Rainie, Keltie, Holly, Helen, & Kooper – would sum up their day.   Each of them comes from their own view on the world while sharing the same moment, just as we do throughout our life.   One thing they all understood was when the door opened and they heard the command – “Find It” – the race was on for the Easter Egg hunt!  There were dogs sniffing and searching in the kitchen, living room and dining room.  They were focussed.  There were six hidden eggs and each dog  found an egg with one found in tandem by Holly & Keltie.  Holly jumped in and confiscated the first egg, plus ate all of the 5 treats inside.  She also managed to capture the second egg but this time did give it up before eating all the treats.  The third egg was the found by her and she had caught on that it was a game of sharing – she brought the egg to me.  This had me swelling with joy and relief.  She can be a team player and share rewards, just what a coach wants to see if their kid!   Helen found the last egg behind the chair next to the robo-vacuum, Lana & I could tell by the perpetual motion of her tail, which was all we could see of her as she snooped behind the recliner.

The Easter Egg hunt tired them out but not so much that they could not enjoy a dance performance with Lana.  The music was playing and one-by-one Lana engaged each of them in dance moves.  Holly was not amused with being picked up but tolerated it, especially if it meant all of Lana’s attention was on her and not another dog.  This was Helen’s favorite part of the day as evident by the grin on her face when Lana & her dipped, spun and turned to the music.

Kooper, the boy in the bunch, was a gentleman throughout the day, shown by him sitting so proper with his legs meticulously crossed in the group picture.  The picture, set as the feature picture for the day, depicts each of the dogs feelings about the day.  Rainie is snug tight in Lana’s arm, right where she had been wishing all day long.   Helen is in a lap, her dream in life.  Holly has one leg in a lap but the other three are ready to run in case something exciting happens in another corner of the room.  Keltie is sitting straight up with a keen eye on her surroundings just in case a loose ball is rolling or a cat walks by.  And Kooper is posing proud showing off his new Easter scarf with his legs properly crossed, as a gentleman does.

I hope other households, pets included,  had opportunity to have as joyful and blessed day as what we did!  If so,  it could change our whole world.