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Holly & Gracie & I were blessed this Easter with Lana & Adam & Kooper & Rainie & Keltie & Helen all joining us.  That’s a lot of paws!  Outside there is a leash law because my backyard is still covered with snow, lots of it, making it easy for all the dogs (maybe not Helen) to step over the fence.  Thus, the Easter egg hunt had to be brought indoors.  I have to admit I was a bit hesitant – 5 dogs looking for eggs in the living room – but once again, my fretting was all wasted energy.  Dogs and people all had a great time.  Holly used her home field advantage and really got into it, even checking underneath and behind the couch!  Keltie was hunting so quickly she whizzed right by an egg or two.  Rainie found an egg near her sleeping area and was content with that .  Kooper’s strategy was to follow Holly and Keltie around and get excited with them when they found an egg!  Helen found an egg buried in her blanket but struggled with getting her mouth around it, Holly stepped in to help.  Each of the eggs was packed with dog treats, amazingly always having five of them – just enough for each of the dogs.  We were fortunate to have such a smart and thoughtful Easter Bunny!