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This past week was the ‘Girls Ely Trip’.  My dear friends (Georgette, DeeAnn, Kristie & Tess) and I have been doing a girls trip to Ely for the past 35 years (give or take).  Our tradition has spanned the life of our dogs – Iris, Bailee, Kindred, Hannah, Rainie, River, Boden, Teagen, Helen and now Holly.

I am going to be a boisterous Mom and say that Holly did awesome!  She tolerated so many new experiences and partook in new activites quite readily.  She was packed into a corner for the long car ride there and back, met new people, cohabitated around ducks and their babies, sat on a deck at the Tiki Bar, shared a cabin with 5 ladies/2 dogs and was around a new lakeshore for four days/three nights.

My friends are all familiar with puppy stages and fortunately patient and understanding with the stealing of socks, exurbeent greetings and occasional barking.  The highlight of Holly’s Ely trip was her swimming.  She did a personal best of swimming AWAY from shore, not just in towards the shoreline.  We call it swimming but there is still a fair amount of splunking & splashing happening.  She did loose restraint once and made a jumping dash through the water for the ducks, following the shoreline around the bend and to the next cabin. She turned back when she recognized that Mama Duck was serious about coming towards her in a scolding tone with her bills smacking and quacking.

With swimming comes ear infections!  As soon as we were home, Holly’s ear began to flare bright red and produce some foul looking crud.  She saw the new doctor at Dougherty’s, Dr. Candise, who is in her third day with Dougherty’s Clinic.  Holly weighed in at 52 pounds. And will be getting ear drops for the next 7 days, hopefully to adequately address her first ear infection.

Ely 2022 is tagged as the Holly Year.