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Holly’s day was filled with new experiences and she passed with flying colors on her first test with extended time in the car.  It helped that her role model, Rainie, was right next to her showing there is no need to stress about hanging out in a parked car.  They both had impromptu visits from people, walks to the park for a potty stop and a picnic lunch.

Today was the Eveleth City Wide Rummage Sale.  Lana & Adam host a sale at the perfect venue with the items meticulously displayed and organized by Lana.   DeeAnn & I throw some items in the sale and attend so we can people watch and occasionally help with bagging or carrying an item out.  It’s a fun day, especially when the sun is out!  Kooper was the rummage sale assistant.  Holly & Rainie parked themselves in the car and away from the people and breakables.   Holly scored big time with the acquisition of three new toys – a yellow frisbee, a small red soccer ball  and a crinkly-cloth lunchbag holding three stuffed fruit.   All three are instant favorites – outside, the yellow frisbee has lit up the back yard in many ways; inside, the lunchbag is often getting packed and unpacked.  I predict the small soccer ball will get its turn once Holly’s mouth gets a tad wider.

I had packed a lunch for Holly, but she was reluctant to eat out of traveling stainless steel bowel.   I’ve made mental note to switch up her food bowls periodically.  Life is not so perfect that you get to eat out of the same bowl your entire life.

DeeAnn & I met Lanny & Mary at Boomtown in Eveleth for a lunch.  Always a treat to spend time with them, and Holly was quite proud to buddy up with a guy in a hat kneeling on the ground next to her!

Holly reached a milestone today – she fits into an adult collar!  It is one of Boden’s.  It looks so sharp on Holly – the orange blend of colors on her golden coat.  I have an abundance of collars, hand me downs from Boden.  I’m sure Holly will get her share of her very own, brand new where tags have to be removed.  For now, it is fun for me to see Boden’s come out of the box and be placed on an energetic, active young golden again.  The bigger Holly gets, the more often I call her Bo.  Now with his collar on her, it likely will happen all the more.