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Holly’s first Easter!  Lana, Kooper Dash  & Rainie made it a memorable day for both Holly & I!  When you are outnumbered 3 dogs & 1 cat to 2 people, there is limited time to have casual conversation around the table.  At best, quick chats while sitting on the floor.  Kooper Dash (sporting a bowtie for the occasion) won the Saint Patience award  while Holly was Miss Relentless.  Rainie chose to stay out of the mix and focus her energies on stealing all of  Lana’s time and attention.  Everyone enjoyed their meals, desserts, treats and new toys inside but the show-stealer was Lana’s outdoor Easter Egg Hunt!   She hid 6 treat packed eggs outdoors and between the 3 dogs the 6 eggs were found in about 15 minutes.  Holly actually found one, a bit by accident, and knew once she had it in her mouth there was something special to the find!  She played her game of chase but only with that one egg – once she learned what was inside the prize containers, she brought them directly to either Lana & I to have opened.  Actually, she didn’t ‘find’ anymore, she followed Kooper Dash around and stole them out from under his nose.  Rainie did her job of trying to keep track of everyone’s whereabouts but did contribute to a couple of egg finds as well.  Everyone was happy when an egg was found because everyone was a winner with the shared contents.  It was likely the one day where Holly filled up outside on something other than bunny droppings.  It was a bit chilly and muddy but we didn’t let it damper our fun.

Even the Tooth Fairy got into the action on Easter.  Holly lost not one, but two teeth (perhaps even more!) that day.  The extra play of tug and/or the extra crunching of treats could have had something to do with that event.  It didn’t slow her eating down or her energy.  She was in high gear nearly the whole day until later in the evening she finally hit a wall and laid down, always within sight and earshot of Kooper Dash.  She would not allow him to move without her knowing about it, which explains why his naptime resulted in Holly’s naptime. 

I do believe Holly will be dreaming about eggs for quite awhile.  As well as Kooper Dash & Lana.