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There are friends,

There is family, and

then there are friends that become family.

What do you bring to your dear friend’s house when nothing seems to be the right thing?  You bring a puppy!   Holly & I paid visit to Deb & Steve’s today and we both embraced the time we had in our own special way.  While I enjoyed the company of my friendships now anchored by the course of 30+ years, Holly was genuinely working on creating a new friend with their cat, Tigger.   At home, Holly receives a very different reception from my cat, Gracie, so I think Holly was a bit stunned when she could actually lay next to a cat and have friendly interaction.

I was so happy for Holly, that she was having welcoming exchanges with a furry friend.  Periodically I find her sitting in front of my dining room hutch, staring at her reflection in the mirrored back wall.  She will cock her head, raise her paw and sometimes give a woof – I presume wondering why the puppy she is seeing just won’t play the way they use too.  After a few moments, Holly will get up and return to her new daily routine,  seemingly fully content and happy.  As cute as it is, it’s also hard to see.  She makes the hard work of a big adjustment look easy.

Holly easily forged her own friendships with both Deb & Steve.  Holly certainly had a full afternoon – having Tigger to lay alongside, two different laps to sit in, talking toys that giggle and a live (and large) squirrel outside the full size window were all bonusses for new adventures.  For us human folks, having Holly’s excitement, engagement and enthusiasm made our days a bit brighter as well.  A true win-win.

Friendships, both old and new, will continue to shine at their own level of brightness.  And being the true friends Deb & Steve are, Holly & I were invited back!