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It was Girls Week-End at the Cabin, an annual event.  Holly has been around the Girls all her life and they are all her old trusted friends now, just as they are mine.

Holly had plenty of play time with Rainie, swimming after the floatie toy and boat rides (both pontoon and kayak).  The pontoon put her to sleep again.  The kayak had her confused and curious, eventually confidently sitting with Kristie on the front end.  There was no paddling with her on today, that will likely come.

Holly’s swimming has improved dramatically.  Her feet are slowly churning underwater, very little splashing happening now.  She’s fascinated with the lily pads and will do a grab-and-go if she comes across one in her swimming path.  I see DeeAnn deliberately throwing the floatie into the lily pads, using Holly as her weed pulling tool.

We put a screen tent up this year, since the permanent screen house structure became a twisted pile of netting and tubing in an early spring storm.  It did its job keeping mosquitoes under control and in containing tired dogs.

Holly is sleeping soundly looking content with life.  She had another big week-end and came home excited to tell Gracie all about it.   She also hasn’t forgotten about the visiting grandkids next door (who have left for their South Dakota home and not expected back until Christmas).  Holly will run to the edge of the fence and stare intensely into Donna’s back porch and wait.  Periodically there is a sweet, short woof.  As time passes, her face gets longer.  It’s hard for me to watch her be so dejected and disappointed.  She catches the attention of Diane & John and they make an attempt to be a substitute playmate.  It helps, but they are not who she is waiting for.  It’s a clear message to me on how hard it is to loose a friend – with the need to keep living life while staying deeply hopeful of seeing them again someday.