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It was another busy day for Miss Holly.  We started with a walk at Forest Hills cemetery in hopes of tiring her out for our company.  It’s hard to know if the goal was reached given the excitement Holly had when my second cousin, Teresa, and her husband Mike arrived.  I had warned them about the welcoming committee at my house and they were both so receptive and understanding.  Holly took a while to settle in, but in time she did though with the help of a leash and a steady stream of corrections.  Holly did take a nice timely long nap during Teresa, Mike and my visit for which I was so grateful.  That early morning walk may have paid off!

Tonight was the last class of Puppy Class.  Five weeks of schooling completed by the little girl already! Her energy and interest in other dogs is still a bit over the top for me but she does seem to settle in quicker and I am more consistent in insisting that she does.   At Twin Ports Dog Training Club, the wall is peppered with pictures of dogs who have gone through classes there.  I took a picture of Holly in front of a picture of our dearest Bailee, Iris & Kindred. I can’t even begin to say how special those three dogs were, and still are.  I had to chuckle when the instructor handed the Puppy Class Certificate to me, Holly was fully expecting that I would give it to her, like I do with a piece of mail that arrives each day.  She was rather insistent about it and the only distraction I had was my name tag.  Holly contently walked out of the club with our name tag – Robin & Holly – stuck on to her shoulder, and I safely carried out a certificate.  Holly and I will be doing a Beginner class starting in July so my respite is short lived.

I had extra time before Puppy Class so opted to go through the car wash.  I had done that  few times prior when Holly was younger and there was no issue on her part.  Today was a new day.  She was a bit nervous in the back when going through the wash.  I cranked the radio up, sang, talked to her and often just did nothing. She survived just fine and it wasn’t until later when I stopped to let her out for a potty stop that I noticed the back seat driver side was a bit wet.  I hadn’t put the window all the way up so Holly’s restlessness was likely due to her getting water sprayed at her.  In midst of all the efforts to do my best, there are these little hiccups that has me wondering what little Miss Holly Dolly must think about the household in which she lives.