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The sun came out yesteday.  Today the temperatures reached 70 degrees.  And just like that – there is green grass!  Sunshine and grass has helped Holly forget all about the snowbanks she loves so much.  She has a new love now.

Rainie came over this morning.  While I cleaned the insides of the car, the two of them played in the yard.  There was a break or two to chat with neighbors.  Neighbor Dave, home from California,  played with Holly over the fence.  And also, neighbors Diane & Donna visited Holly over the fence on the other side of the yard.  Then, the morning was over and both dogs had spent the entire time outside.  Time flies when you are having fun.

Holly was a subdued and content little girl, a perfect time to take her visiting.  We went for a car ride to visit Steve & Tigger.  I am working with her on her patio behavior.  It took a bit, but she did settle her tired self down and sat quietly while Steve and I visited.  She and Tigger do not meet face to face any longer.  Holly needs to learn more restraint before those visits resume.  They did view each other through the patio door, triggering Holly’s excitable reaction.  Tigger, trusting the glass door, sat in his composed relaxed state and stared at her antics.  Goals are good. 

At home, there has been some progress.  There are moments when Holly & Gracie are side by side in a calm state.  Generally these happen when Holly is near exhaustion and/or when Gracie is fixated on her food dish.  Everything starts somewhere.

Monday night’s has been Puppy Class for Holly.  Her excitability is in full form there – which is the perfect place to help her work through it.  She’s doing a bit better though it is hard for me to describe how.   In short,  when we get home now, I have more energy left than she does whereas before she came home unphased and I was spent. 

To further work on helping Holly learn restraint, DeeAnn came with us to Home Depot on Monday.  I wanted to look at paint charts and showerheads, but mostly wanted Holly to have more opportunity to learn civility in public settings.  DeeAnn worked her magic with her, timing her corrections and giving her verbal cues at precisely the right moment.  Holly was starting to respond nicely and walked with a loose lead with a limited amount of tailwagging lunges to greet new people. 

Holly’s diapers came.  DeeAnn was here when the delivery was made.  We couldn’t resist.  The size is worrisome.  These will work if she doesn’t grow too much before she goes into heat.  There’s a good chance these will be too small.  Holly was not excited about the new wardrobe.  It’s going to be a challenge to keep them on her, plus get them on/off her for each of her pottybreaks.  To be continued.