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Holly’s first Halloween was filled with orange toys, treats, warm weather walks, a trip to PetSmart and a bath!   We were treated with sunshine and a balmy 65 degree day and we took full advantage of it!   She saw a few people in costumes at PetSmart but paid them no mind.  She saw a few dogs in costumes and was grateful it was not her.  The orange cape I put on her was a major event, it’s unlikely she would have allowed too much more to be attached.  DeeAnn bought her a new ball for Halloween, the best treat ever!  The trendy Halloween stuffed toys I gave her lost their stuffing in minutes.

My Halloween trick on Holly was a bath.  She followed me downstairs in anticipation of either some playtime or treats or both, only to see that the shower area was all prepped for a bath.  She tried to sneak back upstairs but I managed to block her route and redirect towards the shower.  Once in the shower stall, she is very good.  Getting there brings drama.   I used the nice weather to dry her off – we went to the cemetery for a walk in the sun and after I did a thorough brushing of her coat.  The birds are going to have some good insulation for their nests!  The brushing must have felt good because she had some very energetic back rolls and leg kicks after.  I let her go at it – she was in clean grass and she may not get another good grassy back roll in warm sunshine for another 7 months.  The trick of the bath was long forgotten and all that mattered then was the treat of rolling free in green grass and warm sunshine.   It’s nice having things work out that way.