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Rainie turned 10 today!   Keltie and Holly find themselves in far more pictures these days than Rainie, not to her disappointment though.  Trying to get a picture of Rainie with her ears perked up (as opposed to pinned to her head which is where they land as soon as a camera is pointing towards her) is difficult.

It was a long afternoon for Holly, having to look at Rainie’s new stuffed green dinosaur sitting on the mantle the whole time.  This evening, Rainie did share it with the puppies for a few seconds before doing a grab and run.   A wise 10 year old!

During Rainie’s birthday visit this evening, Holly had some outside time with Finn, a goldendoodle that DeeAnn was pet-sitting.  Holly met her match with the tussle and tumble play she likes to do!   After a half hour of play, DeeAnn swapped Finn with Keltie allowing Holly a reprieve from the body wrestling but instead now engaged in the game of dart and chase.   Holly once again was in playground heaven.

The party is over and Holly, the party animal, is fully crashed on the floor directly behind my rocking chair.  Meanwhile, Rainie proudly and happily trotted out of the house with Keltie and DeeAnn, carrying a large green stuffed dinosaur in her arms.  Oh, to be 10 again!