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Holly had a full day today, which of course means I did too.   

Roy came back this morning!  Karen & I had a nice visit in the backyard as Roy and Holly played and played and played.  Helen kept a low profile and stayed under cover as much as possible.  Roy & Holly are a good match for each other.  They play hard, mostly rough housing and mouth wrestling with a bit of chase included.  And for the most part, non stop!  There were a few water breaks that seemed to revive them for their next immediate play session.  After Karen & Roy left I found Holly sprawled out on the ground in the backyard, on her back with her legs hanging limp and eyes closed, jowels dangling down.  She layed in this position for well over a half hour finally moving when the garden hose spurted loudly while I was watering flowers.  I sent text to Karen and asked how Roy was doing since their play date.  She text back stating Roy was in a coma all afternoon.  We agreed to have a play date every 2 weeks! 

Mid-afternoon DeeAnn & I both found ourselves with a free afternoon so what better way to spend it than going for an early happy hour!  Ursa Minor’s pet-friendly outdoor courtyard was the perfect spot on a nice sunny June afternoon.  I knew Holly was exhausted from her morning with Roy so taking her with seemed doable.  Taking Helen anywhere isn’t generally a problem.  So we loaded up and headed to Ursa Minor to meet DeeAnn & her clan.  The initial greeting is always a transition that requires time for the dust to settle.   Once past that, we were able to purchase our beers and have an enjoyable happy hour, watching some people point our table  out to their kids and others flash a big grin while looking down towards our feet – about dog eye level.   It didn’t interfere with happy hour one bit!