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Happy New Year!  2024!  And Happy 25th Month Birthday Holly Dolly!!

DeeAnn and I were reminiscing about past New Year’s and all of them included bitter cold temeratures (aside from the ones I spent in Arizona).   Not this year, and we both felt ok with that.   Holly & Keltie played outside until they missed us, not because they were too cold.  At a random time that only they understand, both were on the porch steps wanting to come inside and hang out with the rest of us.  House rules are starting to be understood, once that transition period is over, and play time is manageable often ending in both laying down and resting.  Keltie keeps close tabs on Gracie which can start an exodus of dogs from being prone to preying in a blink of an eye.   Gracie is not one to hide from dogs who are in her house though she generally keeps herself at greater height or occasionally in my lap, both are safety zones.  All the dogs, as well as Gracie, know she has full power and control with all interactions –  in the form of claws.  Gracie’s first line of defense is a hiss, for the most part this is all that is needed now.  

DeeAnn and I spent some time going through stored items and posted new products on our Etsy sites.  We had some fun with the costume jewelry at Holly’s expense.  Apparently clip earrings don’t bother her ears as much as they do mine.  I caught a few eye rolls from her though when we told her how beautiful she was with earrings on!  

2024 – Our dogs are maturing and growing their own personalities.  Looking forward to another year of fun and further growth with each of them!  Holly, Helen, Rainie, Keltie & Gracie –  please keep teaching me how to live a simple life and mindfully love each moment for what it is!