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Happy New Year!  Holly has brought the New Year in quietly and safely.  She continues to heal from her surgery done just 5 days ago.  The healing is going well, the adherance to her recovery regime is successful.   She doesn’t seem to pay much attention to her stitches, yet.  She has now worn three stitch guard collars – the plastic cone (lampshade), the inflatable tube and now a stiff neck collar, homemade from an old neck gator and the bottom liners of recycled grocery bags.  Her stitches come out on January 10.  We can do this Holly!!

I brought the wire crate upstairs for Holly to use during her excitable times, again to preserve the stitches.  Kendra & Brook stopped by on New Year’s Eve day to say good-bye to her.  They fly home today. When leaving they said,  ‘See you in June, Holly!’.  That will be one fun reunion!

The crate has also served as a mood compressor when Keltie and Rainie are here.  Keltie and Holly take turns in the crate, prohibiting any rough housing and games of chase.  It was confusing for them but they did settle into the routine nicely, so much so that I have thoughts of keeping a kennel in the living room permanently.

2023 – I have goals for Holly.  I’m hoping to enroll her in CGC classes – Canine Good Citizen – and lay the groundwork for her to become CGC certified.  This will open the door for community service opportunities.  Seeing the tenderness when Kendra and Brook read to Holly, there may be purpose in exploring that possibility with local school programs.  It’s still early to know what Holly wants to be when she grows up – obedience, agility, therapy dog, etc. – but time has come to start exposing her to options.  One thing is certain – 2023 will be a fun and adventurous year, for both of us!