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Happy Valentine’s Day!  For Holly’s second Valentine’s Day she gets to go to school tonight!  She does love going to class so it’s a timely Valentine’s treat for her.

Holly also had a special Valentine’s treat today with a visit from her long time friend, Helen!  It’s been awhile since the two of them have had chance to be together, but obvious to me that they remembered each other.  Helen was a bit taken back by the change in Holly’s size.  Holly’s exuberance was a bit overwhelming for Helen but in time and with controlling the tempo, the two of them are hanging out peacefully with confidence and comfort.  Each visit will likely need the same beginning drill, all doable!  Holly and Helen both love having friends in their world so it is so nice to see it happen.  A nice heartthrob event for each of them on this  Valentine Day.  

The past week has had plenty of activity for Holly & I.  The mild temperatures have allowed us more outdoor time, to include longer walks and more snowshoeing adventures.   DeeAnn & I took a trip to St. Croix to visit our friend, Dotti.  Holly stayed back with Steve coming over to hang out with her for awhile, which makes it a great day for her!   Though he did capture a new look from her in a picture – we aren’t sure if she was worried or wondering what was going on!  Either way it had us chuckling! 

DeeAnn & I also took a road trip north to Eveleth to watch AJ play his heart out on the basketball court.  Dogs stayed back.  Each of the dogs are so easy to kennel.  They go willingly down the steps to the basement and each has figured out which kennel is their own abode, walking right in then turning around waiting for the treat they know is coming.   It is quite a sight to see – the three of them lined up in Kennel Row, border collies being book-ends around the golden retriever.  A part of the cuteness is their cluelessness of being cute!  The heart swells in seeing the innocence, simplicity and naturalness, a nice way to end today’s Valentine’s entry!