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Duluth is on track to have enough snow this winter to land in the top 5 snowiest winters ever.  Holly thinks it is the greatest thing that could ever happen in life.  She and I have different opinions on it.  But I do admit again that having Holly’s energy and enthusiasm for snow has helped lighten my mood about the extra work and inconvenince it produces.   When my shovels aren’t being used to shovel, they are used as a fence extender in the back yard.  I shove the handle into the snowbank and face the shovel pan towards Holly.  The extra height is enough to deter her from walking over the fence to go visit Luna, a goldendoodle two houses down.

Keltie was spayed this past week so the house has had a ‘no play’ rule.  It’s too difficult to enforce with voice commands so a kennel is used to separate Holly and Keltie from getting into high play mode.  Rainie and Helen aren’t interested parties so there is no risk there.   It makes for a more peaceful house and I am tempted to leave the kennel upstairs permanently.  Time will tell.

Helen is a permanent resident with Rainie and Keltie and DeeAnn now. Our dear friend, Tess, died on March 15.   Helen and Rainie were puppies together and have grown up knowing each other for all of their 10 years.  It was always understood that Helen would have a home with friends should anything happen to Tess.  Never did we imagine that the day would come where our Tessie was gone and all the promises, reassurances, and light hearted joking would become reality.  Tess will always be missed dearly and deeply.  Having Helen in our world gives us a sense of peace knowing that Tess entrusted her care in us.