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Helen has joined Gracie, Holly and I here at the 2125 residence.  She has had extended time here in the past which has allowed her, and all of us, to go through an easier transition.   Gracie and Helen have a mutual understanding that neither is to look at the other so this adjustment has been going very well.  Holly is excited to have a living and breathing playmate in the house, only Helen lacks a bit in the play drive per Holly’s standards.  This is good for Holly, she is learning it is not assumed that every single second in the company of another dog is spent playing.  While Helen may not play as much as Holly would like, she does allow for snuggles.  Watching these two at the end of the day and again early in the morning is pretty darn cute.  

I took Holly in to Home Depot for more impulse control practice and because I needed paintbrushes.  Once again the staff at the checkout aisle were super helpful as I try to control Holly, scan my paintbrushes and get my credit card out.  One guy shared he had a bloodhound at home which caught my attention because I love bloodhounds!  This led to seeing pictures of his hound, Howard, and hearing how he was a rescue dog.  Unbeknownst to me, Holly was having her picture taken and once again was posted on the Home Depot Facebook page.  Lana’s friend recognized Holly and shared the photo.  I was amazed myself at how calm Holly was sitting for the picture! 

Holly begins school this week – Novice class.  This might be a bit more than what she is ready for but it was my only option, other than nothing at all.  I felt it was important that she continue being in the training environment, important for me too!  So we will attend and keep working at staying focussed and practicing patience and restraint.  Two transferrable skills that helps both of us enjoy our lives a bit more.