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Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude and today’s Thanksgiving was filled to the fullest!   Hollly’s first Thanksgiving had her surrounded by some of her favorite people and puppy friends.  Lana and Adam came, with Kooper.  Rainie was with us.  And dear friend, Steve, came by for the afternoon. 

Holly, Rainie and Kooper were in prime form initially.  Their joy needed some time to mellow into comfort.  Once it did, the house stopped shaking, drinks were safe and conversation could be heard, and our joy could flow more comfortably. 

Often Holly is a picky eater but the smells of the turkey cooking caught her attention quickly.  She was not the only one, Rainie & Kooper were surrounding the oven as well, Rainie having the greatest success in snatching a slippery piece of turkey that flung off the tray. 

Holly and Kooper had their moments of rug wrestling that included some new acoustics coming from Holly!  It wasn’t a bark, a cry or a growl, it was some sort of endearing message to Kooper as they mouth wrestled on the rug.  Lana and I could not decode it but we sure enjoyed listening to it. 

Today was a beautiful blend of tradition, food, friendships, family and our fine dogs and one pretty good cat!  I am so very grateful for my relationships with family, friends and pets.  And by the peaceful look on Holly’s sleeping face, I think her young soul is filled with it as well.