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There was about 5 inches of fresh snow on the ground this morning.  Holly was outside the whole time during my shoveling, about two hours.  She thought the new snow was a hoot!  I thought back to just two weeks ago when I brought her home – she stood like a statute on the snow, fearful of moving not even a flinch.  Today she dove into snowdrifts and buried her head into the snow which looked odd – a headless body with a perpetual wagging tail.

Gracie was hanging out in the living room with us early in the morning, an unusual occurence as of late.  To reward her, I turned on Bird TV.  When I was having Pet Sitters LLC come into my home for Gracie visits, they introduced her to Bird TV.  Turns out she absolutely loved it so I started having it on as well. It seemed to bring her some live action even if through virtual reality.   Gracie was not the only one who lit up when Bird TV came on.  Holly dropped all toys and planted herself in direct line with the television.  She was glued to the tube.  I had a few pangs of guilt – was I taking the easy way out for entertainment options for my pets? Park the pets in front of the tv and call it playtime?  Snow shoveling set me thinking straight on that.

Yesterday’s random stop with children went so well with Holly that I decided I would try a similar random visit with adults.  I had items to purchase from Home Depot so loaded Holly up and we were off for an afternoon of errands.  I saved Home Depot for last, glad I did because both Holly & I were exhausted after. But what an experience we had!  I carried Holly into the store to spare her the sand & salt & slush but once I was inside and set her down, she was an orange vest magnet.  I needed help with one item and had 4 staff helping me find it.  Everyone was so welcoming and so kind to Holly.  Many of the staff had treats in their pockets and respectfully asked if she could have some.  Holly & I walked through the store escorted by a sea of orange. I went into the store a tad worried that Holly would balk at walking in a foreign environment but that was wasted energy on my part.  After her first friendly greeting, Holly led the way, not knowing at all where she was going, just moving along with the orange crush!  We left the store feeling like royality and similar to our time with the school kids,  we were invited back.

Holly had an awesome mail day!  She received a very cool blue rhinocerous and puppy treats from Lanny & Mary.  She was quick to show her new rhino off to Rainie later in the day.  There were a few moments where DeeAnn & I thought we could claim the two dogs were actually playing, but then one of them would either bolt or freeze up.  Getting closer though!    

I tell Holly each morning – another Holly-Day!    Certainly appears that will be the case!