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DeeAnn & I took a day for cabin yardwork which included getting the cemetery marker anchored in the pet cemetery.  We had our own Honor Guard line up and paid tribute to all the amazingly incredible pets we have been blessed with having in our life.  The connections we made with these beautiful souls ran deep into our heart and has forever changed how we shape our lives and approach our day.  And it is apparent we are not done with these experiences, as evidenced by the Honor Guard!

This afternoon DeeAnn & assembled a wooden platform to serve as a sitting area along side of the house, in the shade.  It was a 5 hour project, a good amount of time for Keltie & Holly to play their hearts out until their tired tongues hung to the ground.  Holly was not always playing with Keltie, she made time to sneak into our workspace and steal the instructions, a tape measure and pair of gloves – followed each time by a victory trot around the yard with a ‘look what I got’ twinkle in her eye.  Fortunately she’s gotten better about returning the stolen item though a bit soggy when she does.  She has us well trained to put our tools away and/or way up out of reach.  If only I could be as good at training her as she is with training me!