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Holly’s first Independence Day was wet and foggy.  We went for an early morning walk at Forest Hills Cemetery where Holly practiced some independence.  It was apparent our afternoon barbecue was not going to be held outdoors, and both Holly and I need our time outside.

Because of the weather the Duluth fireworks were postponed.  However, various households in the neighborhood forged ahead in full celebratory fashion.   Holly is confused by the noise and commotion but not overly reactive to it.  I try hard to not feed into it in anyway.  I see her peaking at me periodically, taking cues from me to see if she should be worried about the unusual and obvious racket.  We did not get caught outside when one of the intense KABOOM’s happened, fortunately.  She can wait another year for that fun. 

Holly is definitely aware of her environment and anything new seen or heard in her backyard.  I was in the garage cleaning the backseat of the car when Holly raced in to join me, placed her front paws on the seat staring at me with a wide-eyes, then leaving as suddenly as she appeared.  I could tell she wanted me to follow her.  I did.  Standing in neighbor Dave’s yard were two deer, quietly grazing and calmly keeping an eye on Holly.  Holly wasn’t getting near that side of the yard, instead planted next to the garage steps, her hind quarters resting on my feet. I’m in no rush for her to learn that the deer are more fearful of her than she of them.  Her healthy respect of them is handy as well as proper – there is no charging out the door to get outside because she firsts has to peak  to see if ‘they’ are out there; there is no lingering in the yard not wanting to come inside because she doesn’t want to be outside alone with ‘them’.  I’m sure she’ll figure out their harmlessness soon, hopefully not making up for any missed opportunities to bark and harrass.

DeeAnn & Rainie came over for an indoor barbecue party – grilled chicken and bbq ribs!  Holly had her 7 month old session of the traditional wingy-wingy with DeeAnn; and a round of indoor playtime with Rainie.  She doesn’t let the weather bother her – playtime is playtime and with the loud KABOOM’s going off outside,  indoors is a fine place to be.  Seems she is recognizing, life is about adjustments.