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Today was an inside day, with exception for a few badly needed backyard play sessions.  Winter has a hard time leaving in Minnesota. Today, spring and winter were grappling back and forth and left us homebound due to the rain/sleet/snow and any of its combinations.  No unnecessary driving or walking was happening.  That left a full day in the house for Holly & I.   Fortunately, DeeAnn did bring Rainie here for the morning while she worked.  Holly & Rainie play nicely together and also are comfortable enough now where they rest nicely together too. 

I went outside with Holly a few times today for outdoor air and backyard play.  Tennis balls and frisbees are the main event, by my standards.  Holly likely would consider the main event as pine cones, wood chips and bunny pellets.   I will need to rake and relocate the wood chips that I laid down by the garage last summer.  They are just to attractive to a puppy with a wood fetish.  My friend, Katie, had teased that she was calling Holly – “Hollywood” – because of her fondness for wood.  It’s not so funny anymore.  Nonetheless, we had fun outside criss crossing the yard chasing toys or each other.  I’m so grateful I have a fenced-in back yard. 

Indoor activity for Holly included napping, playing, chasing Gracie and following me from room to room.  It was laundry day for me which meant Holly had plenty of stair climbing today. If not napping, she is my shadow going from room to room or floor to floor. The exception is if Gracie is at ground level and within reach of a good chase. 

Storm warnings are out for tomorrow as well.  The main event tomorrow may be snowballs and snowmen unless the bunnies are busy doing their business tonight.