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Holly loves company and when the company is an ‘almost’ 14 year old boy who spends a few days and nights at the house, she falls into true love.   That is exactly what happened.  My great nephew, Justin, spent a few days with Holly, Gracie & I.  It was a treat for me to have such a young, mild-mannered, book-loving, Scrabble player who is a great cook around the house.  For Holly it was pure heaven.  She had her own personal ball tosser, belly rubber, and gentle head scratcher who also had a stash of shoes and socks readily available for a round of snatch and dash.   In the mornings, I would find Holly sitting outside of Justin’s bedroom door waiting for her playmate to open his door.  During the day, I found Holly wherever Justin was, or trying to find a way in which she could be.  During car rides, I would see Holly stretching her neck from the back and somehow finding a way to rest her head on Justin’s shoulder.  In the evenings,  Holly convinced everyone she should be sleeping in Justin’s room, which he gave approval for even though he knew Holly has a 5:30 wake up alarm built inside of her.  Fortunately for Holly, the morning Justin left to go home was the morning Kooper came to spend a couple days – she had enough distraction to help minimize her blues with her new best friend leaving.

Holly has been progressing on her water skills.  Her last trip to the cabin provided another opportunity to master swimming.  She puts a lot of energy into paddling, creating splashes and turning action like a motorboat.  She is famished and exhausted after being in the water.  It won’t be long now – if there could be a nice hot day with low wind & wave action, I think she could get her manic motoring under better control.