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Holly & I were both gifted with Katie time today!  Always a treat!  In Holly fashion, Katie had an exurberant greeting at the door followed with a steady stream of showing off her toys then finally settling in calmly to enjoy Katie’s calm presence.  We were hoping for some outdoor time in the backyard but the recent warm temperatures followed by a cold front have created an icy and slippery slope in my yard, too treacherous for Katie and I and too risky for energetic, clueless and fearless puppies.  We are committed though to getting Holly and Lucy (one of Katie’s Golden Retrievers) together again soon.

The photographer sent her Santa pictures today!  Santa worked so hard to get the dogs looking forward and attentive.  The photo shoot was a benefit for PJ Rescue, a fairly new dog rescue organization in Duluth.  It was a fun morning for DeeAnn & I, a great experience for Keltie & Holly and all serving a good cause that produced some great photos.  A win, win, win and win!