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My friend, Katie, stopped by to visit with Holly & I yesterday.  Katie is a dear friend with the bonus of being an awesome dog person – she has 2 golden’s and 1 black lab currently and has had some beautifuls souls in a collie and golden retrievers in the past. Dogs light up when with Katie.  She just has a way of radiating joy with any living creature she is around.

Holly also had opportunity to meet my carpenter, Mike,  and was a big help in the final touches of the kitchen project.  He was so good with her, introducing her slowly to all his tools especially the noisy ones.  She was acting very confident around the vacuum cleaner until her nose felt the suction, then she scrambled to sit behind my legs.  With some reassurance, she was back bugging Mike and with his patient and gently help, she had no fear of the mysterious noisy machine.

The past couple days have presented opportunities for Holly to have car rides.  She seems to be understanding the term ‘car ride’ but it is still hit or miss.  When I head to the garage, she makes certain she isn’t far behind and has learned to potty before going through the garage door.  She is a very good and patient passenger.   I have the umbrella sling style car seat cover which allows for a relatively safe ride in the back seat.  She is not able to get into the front seat as of yet, the day is coming though.  I will need to reassess and readjust how she rides in the car soon.

I bought Holly a wobble giggle talking ball, I know – what was I thinking!  She absolutely loves it, as does Rainie.  Right now it is up and out of reach sitting on the buffet.  The ball has four one-word expressions, plus giggles, all triggered by movement.  It rolls and talks and giggles, talks and giggles and rolls.   The ball is large enough that it does not go under furniture but somehow it still always ends up trapped in a corner or within chair legs, prompting woofing or scratching.   It is fun to see how ‘into it’ they both get. DeeAnn and I are eager to see if playing with the ball is as fun outside as it is inside!  If it is, then I will love the toy as much as they do!