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Late last week, DeeAnn, Rainie & I took a drive to Indiana to pick up a puppy.  Not your ordinary puppy, this was Keltie.  DeeAnn has had her heart on Keltie since before she was born, and after she was born DeeAnn had her eye on Keltie’s heart shaped white mark on the top of her head.  She was the one, and only one.  This little girl has stolen all our hearts already, including Holly’s.  

It took a day before Holly would look at Keltie, but on day two the ice broke.  The two were on the ground wrestling, tugging and rolling from side to side.  Holly would clasp her legs together and hug Keltie, I think trying to hold her still for a few seconds.  It was quite endearing to watch the two puppies playing so tenderly in the grass.  Holly was amazing both DeeAnn & I with her gentleness and restraint with little Keltie.  Warms my heart to know she can be soft, gentle and respectful of vulnerable creatues.  Though Gracie may say otherwise.   When Holly is around, Rainie steps back and lets the two puppies play.  Rainie seems to appreciate the respite period and sits amongst the rest of the adults in the room watching puppies play. 

Holly is at the end stage of her cycle.  She has very little discharge now but (according to the literature) remains fertile for another week or more.  She continues under close supervision when outside, seldom being off leash in the yard.   She has had a few vomiting spells in the morning, I suspect related to being in season but I’m not certain on that.  I did stop at Doughtery’s Vet for a weigh-in.  She was due for her heartworm and flea/tick and I needed more for her current weight.  She was hovering around 50 pounds, having lost a few pounds since our last visit.  The high calorie puppy food will continue along with a generous amount of treates. 

Holly had a visit to Home Depot today and walked around like a ‘normal’ dog.  I was quite amazed on how she has learned to contain her excitement relatively well in that store environment.  Now, to work on transferring that to other situations!