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Cousin Kooper turned 6 years old on July 20, 2022!   Holly, Rainie, DeeAnn, Lana & I celebrated with Kooper today in his own backyard.  Kooper has nearly his own agility course complete with jumps, teeter and tunnel.  What Holly could not bring herself to do a few weeks ago – walk through the tunnel – she mastered today.  After the first trip through followed by hooting and hollering from all of us, she nonchalantly walked through multiple times seemingly surprised that it was such a routine, stressless exercise. 

The morning was filled with playtime, whether it be roughhousing, chase or fetching toys.  Holly patiently, with some help being restrained, watched as Kooper opened his gifts and shared his treats.  

At the end of party, a trip was made to the local ice cream shop that Kooper frequents regularly.  The owners had very generous portions of ice cream for each of the pups.

Holly slept soundly all night and looked so peaceful and content.  I have to believe that it was partially from having a full day of fun in outdoor air but I saw too the content and peacefulness in her heart knowing she had friends and was loved to the core.  Fun, food and friends – makes for a fine life!