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Kooper has come to stay for a couple weeks while Lana, Adam, AJ & Madison set their sights on Washington D.C.  Kooper is no stranger to this house and knows Holly well plus having little trouble getting used to Helen.  He feels comfortable enough that on the very first night here, he made his way into the guest bedroom and claimed his bed – much to my relief!   It took all the drama away from figuring out how Holly, Helen, Kooper & I were going to get restful sleep in the same bed.

Kooper had chance to meet the kids – Daphne, Ivy and Cole.  Holly is known as the hyper one; Helen the cute one; and now Kooper is the calm one.  Periodically I have seen Cole put Holly through some breathing exercises.  He stands in front of her, holds his hands out, raises his shoulders then slowly lowers his hands down to waist height – all while staring into her eyes.  I swear at times I see Holly gazing back at him, eyes following his hands up and down, then showing signs of relaxing her body.  Then she rips after the ball once he throws it for her. 

Holly and Kooper play nicely together, mostly in the house.   Kooper reserves his outdoor time for chipmunk watching and Holly for playing with her ball.   With the amount of outdoor time they have had, each have been stretched out for a long nap during their indoor time.  A true sign of a good summer day is when you have tired dogs in the evening hours.