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Kooper came to visit for a few days this week!  He blends into the household so well.  Holly loves having a playmate around and Helen seems to have a little crush on Kooper Dash!  I often find her following him around and then nonchalantly sitting nearby once he has found a spot to lay.

Holly and Kooper play at a low (sometimes moderate) level when playing inside.  Mostly mouth-wrestling and some tug.  Playing with Kooper triggers Holly into a vocal state.  She is moaning, groaning and borderline growling.  Sometimes I wonder if this is her version of being big, tough, strong and mean.  Kooper is the only one with whom she is brave enough to act that way.  She knows there will be no misunderstanding or misinterpretation – no comeback or negative feedback!   They don’t play together too much outside – Holly is all about her ball; Kooper is all about the chipmunks and squirrels.  Their two passions don’t align so it is understood that their outside time together is their free time to pursue their own fun.

Early in the week was hot and muggy, a very sticky day.  I hooked up a water toy that DeeAnn had bought for the girls – a mermaid of the sea sprinkler pool!   All of the dogs hung back far from the sprinkling water while I positioned the pool and got cooled down by the cold sprinkling water.  They sat, panting from the hot sun, watching me get all wet.   Two retrievers and a dachshund who is obsessed with swimming.  Finally interest was generated, once Holly’s ball was put inside the pool to float enticingly.  When Helen saw Holly stepping into the big wet plastic puddle, she mosied over to check it out.  Kooper was parked on the opposite side of the yard.  The fun lasted about a half hour when a major leak made it less desirable for me, instead of a lawn sprinkler system it was becoming a flooding mud-maker.   Game over.   The next day, neighbor Donna thanked me for the delightful entertainment we provided to them.  Apparently our pool party was being watched through the window, bringing a bunch of smiles to Donna, Diane and John when they were confined to the indoors on a muggy, hot afternoon.  It’s the simple things in life.