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This week has been about Kooper!  He was an overnight guest one night and a day time resident for three days.  It gave Holly chance to tire Kooper of her playful games and Helen time to further establish her relationship with the main guy in her life.  Kooper seems to have settled into the house and car routines and is comfortable enough now to challenge some of them.   When left at the house so he could catch his ride home with Lana, he moved the stand up baby gate aside and was waiting for her at the door.  The following day, I stop for groceries and return to the car to find Kooper sitting in the front seat of the car, Helen & Holly compliantly in the back.   His newfound courage makes me smile.  He feels safe and secure – enough that he can show his sassy side! 

Some may recall “wingy wingy” –  the special game between DeeAnn & Holly.   DeeAnn resurrected the game to see what Holly would do.  I was suspecting Holly to wiggle her way out of the process and scoot away.  I was wrong.  Holly became a noodle, eventually falling into the position DeeAnn was steering her towards, laying back and enjoying the ride DeeAnn gave with her legs. Wingy, Wingy, Wingy Wingy.  Holly’s ears flapping in rhythmn to the words.   She clearly remembered the game with fond puppyhood memories!   That had me sentimental, Holly now being old enough to endearingly have puppyhood memories!  Where does time go?

For some history on the wingy-wingy tradition, look back to the blog’s posts titled:  Independence Day, 6 Months Old, First Cabin Trip, Cold Spring Flings, and Shower Stall Bath.