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It was another busy day for Holly.  This morning I did a curbside Target run.  Holly jumped up to look over the backseat in perfect timing with the young man putting groceries in the back hatch.  His expression with seeing a puppy suddenly appear was priceless.   As was the tail waggings happening from the view I had.

We also did a Pet Smart run, Holly’s first trip.  She handled walking along side the cart very well.  She was distracted near any displays that had treats or toys, but pretty easy to redirect.  The staff were all generous with their praise and always asked before giving her a treat.  Holly came home with more toys, treats and puppy food.  This errand took an extra half hour but the experiences and fun Holly had made it worth it. 

Another highlight to the day was a quick stop to see Lana and her co-workers, Kristi and Brittany.  They stepped away from their desks to come down to meet Holly.  All of them were so gentle, kind and positive in their expressions with her.  Holly has a bond with Lana already as shown by the extra attention and snuggles.  The crowd grew as we stood there.  A SLH Volunteer saw us threw the window and came out to ask about Holly.  She, too, was a Golden Retriever lover who had lost her golden 3 years ago.  She hasn’t been able to think about a new dog yet, however she left with information about Pride of the North Golden Retrievers.  I so hope she is able to fill the hole in her heart with a new bundle of joy.  Once again, the power of puppies and heartstrings.