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 I feel like it might be a red letter day on the calendar.  Since Holly moved in with me in mid-January of this year, I have had two large indoor/outdoor rugs covering my living room area rug that I brought home from Arizona.  I wanted to spare the area rug from going through any potty training mishaps.  Today, it has been fully exposed and the two coverings have been removed.  I’m feeling fairly confident in Holly.  I’m quite certain, if there is an accident,  it will have a valid reason unrelated to puppy training.  I thought she might notice that the rug is different in the living room now.  I overestimated her.  She does’t show any signs of observation or awareness that two large light colored rugs are gone, replaced by two larger and darker rugs.  They served their purpose exactly as hoped.  And it’s rewarding to me that the day has arrived where I can put them back down on the basement floor and bring the rug I truly want to have displayed in the house. 

We had a visit from Katie and spent time in the backyard.  It’s always a treat to see her.  She and I were able to visit and share a coffee break without too much disruption.  We only lost one paper napkin to the quick-snitching Holly.  

I stopped by my vet’s office to have Holly weighed on their scale.  Her heartworm and flea/tic medication are both based on weight of the dog.  She was at 47 pounds, the medication break is at 50 for heartworm and 55 for flea/tick.  I purchased what she needs for the next 3 months.  I’m quite certain she won’t pass 80 pounds.  I met up with Dr. Dougherty in the hallway, who is a golden retriever owner himself. I introduced Holly to him and he smiled saying ‘she has the bounce’.  I will try to remember that when I am trying to keep Holly down and off of someone’s clothing.  She’s not jumping, she’s bounsing – hopefully they find it as amusing. 

DeeAnn brought a t shirt over for Holly – a bright red Kong shirt!  It’s a little big for her, but not for long.  We figure it will be the perfect shirt for her to wear at the cabin in the fall during hunting season. 

I swung by Kristie’s house to drop some things off and she made certain she had opportunity to visit with Holly.  Holly was all wiggles and wags in the back of the car.  She simply loves people and dogs. And life.