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If there was ever a day where Holly would be saying ‘pinch me’ to herself, this would be the day.   Her morning started with playtime in the backyard with Kendra and Brooke.  Then the car ride to Lake Vermilion where we arrived to a line-up of Brown’s including Kooper!  We all went for a short walk down the road, a nice way to get Holly acclimated to the people and environment.  I held Holly and battled her excitement with the ‘no pull’ mantra much of the way.

When we returned to the cabin, I knew Holly was not going to leave the yard area, that would mean leaving Kooper, Lana and her newest fan club – the five Brown girls – Anika, Nina, Julia, Maia and Cora.   I had her run free with a six foot lead attached while wearing her bright colored life jacket.  If she were to start exploring, we could spot her and reign her in easier.  As suspected, she never left the yard except when she was running with a visiting friend’s  dog who took her on a loop through the woods and neighboring yard before returning right back to our feet.

Much of the time Holly was not running free at all.  She was under leash control of either Nina, Julia or Maia.   Seldom did I see any pulling, more often the leash was dangling loosely as they walked side by side around the yard.  Again I was awestruck at how gentle she can be with young children.  It’s heartwarming to watch but I do admit it can be a bit irritating too, especially when less than two hours earlier she was dragging me down the dirt road as I said ‘no pull’ over and over, and over.  Holly and Kooper had time together down by the water.  Kooper was doing his flawless dock diving , Holly was on the edge thinking about it.  It was too much too soon for her, and I was fine with that.  She did swim to cool off and announce her presence to the family of ducks.   The lake wasn’t the main event today, this was a day filled with little girls – little girls who liked to throw a ball and/or take walks –  and Holly made the most of it.

There were a lot of good-byes to go through at the end, making it all the more of a ‘pinch me’ day.  Holly was getting head pats, ear rubs and hugs from her new friends, one by one.   That’s a golden Minnesota good-bye!

I didn’t hear much from Holly the whole way home.  She did get up once to reposition and nuzzle me in the ear momentarily.  I told her the day was real, she wasn’t dreaming – and quickly gave her a treat before she went back down for more of her power nap.

When we got home, her lottery day continued – the neighbor girls were home and outside.  I told them about Holly’s day letting them know that she was really tired.  They picked up the cue right away and asked if they could come play with her, gently.  Indeed they could, and did.  Holly laid between the two of them and soaked in all their attention as they brushed and arranged her hair.  Holly got up and walked with them to the gate – their mother had called them home for supper.   Holly sat and waited until both girls were in the house, door shut.   She then sauntered over and laid by my feet with a glance upward.

I could see it in her eyes – ‘pinch me’!