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Today Holly & Helen & I took a road trip to Lanny & Mary’s awesome cabin on beautiful Lake Vermilion.  I knew the girls would have a good time there but I didn’t know they would be so good while there.   

Holly had the zoomies when we first arrived but stayed within sight as she circled in & out of the trees then around the cabin.  She tired herself out relatively quick and made it back to the cabin deck for some greetings and treats.  One time she extended her range and went well into the neighboring cabin’s yard, out of sight for a few moments.  That, and an episode of duck harrassment plus one stolen (then broken) pencil were her three most teachable moments today.   The rest of the time, both dogs were either civil,  appropriately social or actively checking things out.  The water was a big hit for Holly and a big drinking bowl for Helen.   Temps reached the low 80’s so a dip in the lake felt very good to both of them. 

Our leisurely day at the lake also left me without many pictures.  That’s how good they were! And a big Thank You to Lanny & Mary for making it such a special day for them, and me! 

Meanwhile I am building my collection of snuggle pictures for the next time Daphne is visiting us in the backyard!