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Holly & Helen had company from Lake Vermilion today!  Lanny & Mary made the trip down to visit DeeAnn & I, plus later in the day we went to visit our cousin, Jerry & Brenda, in Superior.  But their day started with a bark & a bang from Helen & Holly.   It didn’t take Helen long to learn that Mary gives great belly scratches.   And once Holly entered the room in her  “hello world, I haven’t seen you in a million years” fashion, she learned quickly that Lanny is a good ball player.   Each had their respective spots in the room and both were equally elated with today’s guests. As was I.

DeeAnn had brought Keltie & Rainie, who stayed in the backyard for this visit.  We made sure Holly had time with her friends in the back, in hopes it would tire her out a bit.  Hope sometimes is just that, hope.  

After the day’s visiting had ended, DeeAnn & I took a quick trip to her cabin to water plants, mow grass, bath dogs and grab the dog life jackets. The annual Ely trip is approaching and a cardinal rule is that life jackets are to be worn while in the water at all times.  The dogs are far more compliant with this than any of the women on the trip. 

It’s our first trip back to Ely since Tess has passed.  I’m interested to see how Holly does.  Last year she was 6 months old and had to play the puppy pass frequently  to excuse her sometimes wild, rammy self.  This year she will be 1 1/2 years old and I suspect still more puppy passes will be needed.  Helen has stayed at this cabin multiple times, always with Tess nearby.  The Girls Trip to Ely always has it’s traditions and known activities, yet still brings its share of firsts and new adventures.  I’m feeling Holly & Helen are each about to experience that for themselves this year.  As are the rest of us.