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Today was another full day for both Holly & I!  We took a drive north on what turned into a beautiful spring day to see Lanny & Mary at their cabin on Lake Vermilion.  Friend Steve rode with us for the visit and to experience some lake time.

Holly was interested in the lake and waded up to her chest quite confidently.  She couldn’t bring herself to start swimming though and would stop her self and stand watching the stick float away.  There was no Rainie to help coax her today.  There was a water hose however and this kept Holly in the water as she tried her grab and go move with it.  There also was the fox jump that she does across the living room, only this time she did across the edges of the lake.

Holly had all sorts of new experiences including red squirrels, walking in a big lake, picnicing outside, being in her second cabin and having someone elses shoes to carry around.  What she did not experience was eating out of a stainless steel dog bowl.  Two treats sat there waiting to be eaten but Holly couldn’t bring herself to take them from the bowl.  Her dog tag had hit the bowl on her first attempt and made a clinking sound, leading to a ‘no more of that’ attitude.  So the treats sit there waiting for brave Kooper to come chew them up.

Holly was a bit restless inside the cabin and needed some extra lessons in laying quietly while lunch was be eaten.  What she has relatively mastered at home is mediocre at best in a new environment.  It shows me the importance of new exposures while keeping transitional skills common and routine.  Gratitude goes out to  everyone who endured Holly’s school time over lunch.

Holly and I  finished the day with a short walk and some playtime on the familiar backyard turf.  She ran a few loops and pulled a few zoomies, then was ready to settle in for the evening.  She’s stretched out with a comfortable and content look that rings with ‘there’s no place like home’.   I have feeling tonight she’s going to be twitching and quivering while dreaming about chattering red squirrels, Mary’s hugs and belly rubs or floating water hoses on the high water at Lake Vermilion.  We’re both already looking forward to the next visit!