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Holly had the good fortune of seeing Lana two days in a row, though this time Lana had to compete with Kooper for Holly’s attention. A tall order! Holly and Kooper had some rousing play time outside then we brought the show inside for more.  Kooper was a absolute gentleman with Holly despite the paws on his back, puppy teeth on his nose, paws & tail, and his toy being tugged away.  Kooper gets a big gold star for his patience and gentleness.  It’s apparent these two are going to have an incredible bond together.   After Lana & Kooper left, Holly gave her whimper cue three times.  I took her outside for a potty break but I think this time her request to go out was to see if Kooper had magically reappeared in the backyard.

DeeAnn brought a new toy to Holly.  We simply call it The Pig.  The squeak is more like a croaking cry that had both DeeAnn & I jumping at first to see who had gotten hurt.