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Holly’s day started with Keltie & Rainie coming to the house in the morning for our first round of puppy sitting.  As prepared as you try to be for puppy energy, you find yourself generally two steps behind with keeping up.  I’m grateful for baby gates indoors and a fenced yard with a side pen outdoors.  Holly has become an excellent baby sitter and Keltie is a natural herself!  The two of them entertain each other endlessly and they could be left to do so if it were not for the possibility of Keltie’s sharp teeth piercing Holly’s ears or Holly’s strong chase drive harshly pinning Keltie to the ground.  Rainie seems to enjoy when the two puppies are together, it gives her some peace and quiet allowing for rest.  It didn’t take long for me to place the water dish up – between the two of them it becomes a challenge to see who can empty it first, Holly by placing her foot in the bowl and stirring; Keltie by grabbing the edge with her teeth and dragging it until it tips. That created its own game of towel chasing to play tug of war.  I set up the PetCube when the pups were confined together, this gave me freedom to work on my dining room project and use my phone to observe what the two puppies were doing in the kitchen.  It did allow me to finish my project but not very timely.  I was watching puppies play like it was a movie on television.

The afternoon continued with Holly’s the other of her K Pup’s.  It’s Lana’s birthday today warranting a FaceTime session.  Holly & Kooper had their own FaceTime chat helping to settle Holly down after hearing Lana’s voice and Kooper’s name with neither being present, despite her checking through the house.

With the help of a PetCube and FaceTime, Holly and I once again enjoyed the companionship of the K Pups – Kooper & Keltie.  Raising puppies and technology have crossed paths!